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ECIS asks others join with Europe to offer browser choice
ECIS welcomes today's decision by the European Commission to approve the browser settlement
ECIS reaction to Microsoft's announcement to unbundle IE and Windows 7
ECIS urges an end to Microsoft violations of EU anti-trust law
ECIS accepted as intervenor in EC browser case
ECIS welcomes the European Commission's preliminary findings on Microsoft's illegal tying practices for Internet Explorer
Microsoft announces more delay in open standards implementation

Complaint by BECTA alledges Microsoft's business practices damage education initiatives in the UK.

ECIS Supports Open Forum Europe's Declaration on openness and integrity of the Internet
ECIS reaction to European Commission announcement of EUR899 million fine for Microsoft
ECIS Reaction to Microsoft Declaration on Standardization and Interoperability
Background document on the Complaint
ECIS welcomes the European Commission's announcement of two new investigations against Microsoft's abuse of its dominant position
ECIS strongly supports Opera's anti trust complaint against Microsoft
ECIS submits comments on the ICT standardization policy study
ECIS represented at IGF Conference in Rio. Thomas Vinje's presentation.
European Interoperability Framework: ECIS observations on the Gartner Report
ECIS Press Release - European Court of FIrst Instance Judgement of September 17 2007
Microsoft continues to defy anti-trust rulings on both sides of the Atlantic
ECIS: it is standard industry practice to offer interoperability information royalty-free
ECIS Media Release: With Vista Microsoft continues its illegal practices


ECIS expresses concern over the broad scope of the proposed directive on Criminal Measures Aimed at Ensuring the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
ECIS welcomes the Commission's decision imposing fines on Microsoft
ECIS applauds ISO for approving the OpenDocument Format as an international standard
ECIS Media Release - Close of the Microsoft Oral Hearing Luxembourg

ECIS Media Release - Day 5 of the Microsoft Oral Hearing in Luxembourg

ECIS Media Release - Statement by ECIS Counsel, Thomas Vinje
ECIS Media Note on the Microsoft Hearing: Background to the interoperability case pleadings
ECIS Media Release - Day 3 of the Microsoft Oral Hearing in Luxembourg
ECIS Media Release - Day 2 of the Microsoft Oral Hearing in Luxembourg
Highlights from ECIS testimony on Day 1 of the Microsoft Oral Hearing in Luxembourg
ECIS Media Release - Day 1 of the Microsoft Oral Hearing in Luxembourg
On the eve of the hearing: Statement from ECIS
ECIS to appear as intervener before the European court in Luxembourg in support of the European Commission -- will oppose Microsoft's attempts to avoid antitrust law and limit consumers' software choices
ECIS advocates a balanced European patent system that promotes interoperability
ECIS Web site now also at
ECIS: Microsoft still not in compliance
ECIS joins the Open Document Format Alliance
ECIS Calls for Halt to Anti-Competitive Microsoft Practices
Microsoft: last chance to comply with european commission anti-trust ruling statement
by Simon Awde, chairman ECIS
ECIS: Microsoft source code offer tries to duck competition concerns

ECIS comments on the real settlement with Microsoft

ECIS proposes compromise language for article 6a op proposed directive on computer implemented inventions
Commission indicates 1991 Software Copyright Directive provisions on decompilation are not ripe for review
ECIS welcomes Commission Decision finding Microsoft infringed Article 82


ECIS urges EU institutions to include provision addressing interoperability concerns in forthcoming Software Patents Directive proposal
Commission launches proposal for Directive on computer implemented inventions

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